About me

Hello Beautiful People!!!

 Welcome to My Website! I am currently a Senior in the Molloy/Cap21 Musical Theatre program and I am about to graduate with my BFA.  

My Start to Where I am Now!

 I'm a New York based actress from Long Island. Growing up, I was a very shy and quiet kid, but deep inside I just knew there was a voice that wanted to erupt. My moment finally came when my little eighth grade heart decided to try out for my High School Musical production. From that moment on, my life, future goals, and ambitions changed. There was no going back! I was determined to pursue theater. Studying Theater has taught me how to be brave and live an unapologetic life. I am extremely excited for what the future will bring. I am also in love with the beauty industry, and love getting my hands on any canvas to create a snatched transformation! For now, I am getting ready to graduate, and looking forward to stepping into this wonderful industry.